How i met Babu

How I met Babu . . .well . . . that’s not his actual name but i will explain that later, his family call him Babu, so thought it was most appropriate to use on the blog without giving his identity away to the outside world.

Let’s set the scene a little, I’m in my mid twenties and the man who I honestly believed I would marry has just ended our 5 year relationship, in two months time we were set to sail off for a two week holiday on board a cruise ship, a holiday we had been planning for a good 18 months.  I ummed and ahhed about whether I should still go or not, but with much encouragement from the people close to me I eventually concluded that a holiday would do me good.  So dragging my mum with me, off we set on a flight to Barbados!

It was a two week holiday sailing from Barbados, around the Caribbean, then across the Atlantic towards home.  So, as i mentioned before, i met him on the third night, as we set sail from St. Lucia.  It was the first “formal” night, so I was dressed up in a long black Maxi dress with gold embellishments on the front (I remember it was particularly kind to the sunburn I had acquired the days beforehand!) and had my hair and make-up all nice, was feeling pretty good, having a good time so all was good in life.

We were shown to our table, we sat down and the waiter came over to put our napkins on our laps, this was the first moment I ever saw Babu, and from that moment I could not stop looking at him, “cute waiter” i had commented to my mum at the time.

At this point I would like to say that I wasn’t looking for a relationship, having been in relationships constantly since the age of 15 I would have happily stayed single, but you don’t choose when these things happen.  I just could not bare the thought of leaving that ship a week and a half later and never seeing him again.  This was before I had even spoken to him, I cannot explain it, but this man had to stay in my life, love at first sight? He would say so, but I’m a little more cynical than that, lets just say – uncontrollable need to have this man in my life at first sight instead.

So, to explain, this is the reason I cannot use his name, passenger – crew relationships are very much frowned upon and I wouldn’t like to put his job at risk.

As the holiday went on,  I would go to the restaurants he was working in, just to catch a glimpse of that beautiful smile, and as the days went on, that smile would be for me.  Towards the end of the holiday he asked me to meet him after his shift, so I did, we sat and talked into the early hours in the empty restaurant, got to know each other a little.

The day I left the ship I agreed to come back and meet him, so dashed home, then dashed back to spend a couple of hours wandering around the city with him, 4 months on, he is back at home in India for a 3 month break, between the last day of the holiday and him going home we saw each other whenever he was in port, and as they say . . the rest is history.

So thank you, if you have read this far, I appreciate your time, and if you want to read further I look forward to sharing my thoughts and experiences of this new world of culture I am discovering through him with you, and hearing your thoughts on what I have to say.


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