Inspirational Ladies

I would like to tell you about two ladies who have inspired me tremendously.

First of all, Elizabeth Gilbert, namely from her memoir Eat, Pray, Love.  It is not a book I normally would have picked up, but shortly after meeting Babu I went away for the bank holiday,  a work friend offered it to me to read when I had mentioned that I was lacking a book for the holiday. It only really appealed  to me because of the India element to it, and having recently encountered my gorgeous Indian, I had hoped that perhaps it would give me a little insight into Indian culture.  As it turned out, it was a brilliant read throughout,  I was feeling in quite an encouragable state of mind and it helped give me the confidence and excitement that I am now feeling for my life and the adventures I want to have. I have a new-found love for travel, after all these years in relationships, my rebellious side needs to see the world! As for India, she talks a lot of the ancient Indian Yogic text – The Bhagavad Gita, the thing that was most prevalent to me that she pointed out was this…

“It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody elses life with perfection” 

Which really made me think… I was living the life that everyone else lives, because… well… that’s what everyone does isn’t it? And it is what is expected – get education, get good job, get nice car, get nice man, get house, get married, have kids, raise kids, retire, done.  Was it what I wanted? Which leads on nicely to this post here from a lady named Sharell Cook.

I can’t remember exactly how I came across Sharell’s blog Diary of a White Indian Housewife, most likely a Google search for something relating to inter-cultural relationships, but I am so very pleased I found it.  Sharell is an Australian ex-pat now living in India with her Indian Husband and I cant help but feel that many of the experiences she has had will be experiences I may have in the future (good and bad).  After making a comment on her blog she was the one who encouraged me to write my own, I simply cannot wait until her book is released, I know for sure it will be a brilliant read.

These ladies both inspired not only my enthusiasm and hope for the future, but also to get writing.  I hope that one day, I, like them, will be inspiring and encouraging other people to follow their hearts as well.

I know I am still at the beginning, and still living in that box, but I am working on it, and as soon as my finances stop holding me back I will be running at that big wide world.  I may not have too much too much to say right now, but hey, a story is no good if it doesn’t start somewhere!


8 responses to “Inspirational Ladies

  • mohit2k6123

    Am I the first to comment here ?

    Hello ! Koi Hai ?


    • ria

      Indeed you are Mohit! I feel I should have a bunch of flowers or a bottle of something bubbly to give you like they do for the opening of a new supermarket or something, yes- it has been a long day so I don’t make much sense!! 😉

  • sharell

    Thank you so much! I’m truly honoured and delighted to be mentioned here.

    • ria

      you’re welcome, since meeting Babu your blog as proved as an invaluable read for me, answering questions I didn’t even know I had! 🙂

    • mohit2k6123

      Sharell ,

      You always deserve it.And because of your faith in Ria to start a blog , I am here.I thought it should be interesting to read and I was not disappointed.

      Ria write well and interesting !

      Also , its a little crowded here , much respite from the crowdy and noisy atmosphere of your blog.(Obviously most of the noises are made by me , there) 😉

      Don’t tell anyone that I am here.

  • Piu


    E,P,L is a great book, however I need to mention that the India bits, (supporting cast members in that section of the book) is a good window into india, however the meditation bits are a niche part of the ‘mediation industry’ and is misleading as far as regular india is concerned.

    Cleanliness, orderliness, and manners, which were a feature of the india piece of the book, are a FAR FAR cry from daily life in India.

    In fact, you should read a book on thugs (not sensationalising) to get some idea of india. Check out Sharells book selection. That should help. Also read, “Malgudi days” a selection of short stories, and some Ruskin bond, another selection of short stories, to get a bit of an idea….

    • ria

      Awesome, I will look that up, I’m always on the lookout for my next read!

      I think with eat, pray , love what inspired me most about her story was her just getting up and going for it, following her heart, I plan to live my life like that from now on, I must admit I was a little disappointed when it didn’t give me the sort of insight I thought it would into India – this is where Sharell’s blog has been particularly useful

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