Happy Independence day!

So I called Babu this morning, as per usual the conversation went a bit like this..

Me: “hi”

Babu: “hello”

Me: “hi, how are you?

Babu: “fine, fine, you?”

Me: “good”

But then….

Babu: “and..?”

Me: “and……?” ok what did I miss

Babu: “what else…?”

. . . (silence my end, oh no, I havn’t forgotten his birthday? I swear it’s at the other end of the year)

Me: “ummm”

Babu: “oh I am not even going to talk to you if you don’t know what day it is”

(oh no, I’m sure it’s not his birthday though??!!)

Me: “ummm”

Babu: “Independence day!!!”

Me: “oh happy independence day!” “I didn’t know that”

So, there I was all pleased with myself about remembering to prepare myself to ask about Raksha Bandan (trying my best to remember what it was called) when that is yesterday’s news, I can’t keep up!

So anyway, Happy Independence day all!


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