Skin colour


With my last trip abroad being over 4 months ago and the sun refusing to show itself to the UK this summer, I am beginning to look a little bit pasty to say the least, and the problem is I generally look ill when I don’t have any colour.  So my first instinct is to grab for the Ambre Solaire"" and a pot of bronzer, yes I like to look brown. [please don’t start having images of me as one of those orange people though, I know when to stop] it just makes me look a little more healthy (and less ill!).

So when I called Babu yesterday morning and he said he couldn’t talk because he was bleaching his mum’s skin for her I just assumed I had mis-heard and thought I’d just ask him what he actually said when I speak to him later.

But yes, I got clarification, he was bleaching her skin, there was mention of a chlorine based product that apparently prevents your skin producing melanin. Indeed beautician is one of his many talents it appears! but skin bleaching – is that not a bit too extreme? Now I know I use a bit of make-up, but putting bleach on your skin – it sounds so dangerous.  I understand the reasoning as to why some like their skin to look a little lighter but I never imagined that people would use products such as this! I did a little googling and it appears in India this is just as normal as me spraying my tan on, with well-known brands such as vaseline in on the act – I never knew! I guess I also don’t get it because I think brown skin is quite nice (maybe I’m biased)

The most ridiculous thing for me is that whilst there are so many white people trying to look brown – the UK tanning industry is worth £100 million alone -there are all those brown people trying to be whiter – what a crazy world we live in!!


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