Bloody immigration laws is what I am saying! UK immigration laws are not only strict but extremely confusing.  Ideally it would be great if Babu could come and work in the UK for a little while – so we could spend time with each other – he would really like that too, but the reality of this I fear is almost impossible. In fact the only way I can figure that we can spend time together in this country is is to 1) for him to not work on a holiday visa, of 2) marry me, neither of these options are viable at the moment, or 3) for an employer to sponsor him for a visa.

OK, we’ll find him a job and get an employer to sponsor him right? hmmm, not that easy.  for an employer to justify sponsorship of an overseas worker they must prove that they cannot fulfil the role requirement from the UK, there is also EU migrants who can fulfill these roles if UK talent is not found, so call me pessimistic, but this is looking absolutely impossible.

So how on earth do we spend some proper time together?? living in India isn’t an option for me at the moment, I still have 3 years of loan payments left to make so need to keep my job, besides, I have a really good job so couldn’t leave it without being 100% sure that was the right thing to do.

It is frustrating and extremely stressful, I am someone who likes to have a grasp on my life, that likes to make plans and know where I stand with things, and I feel this is all completely out of my control with no light at the end of the tunnel right now, and with Babu not being back this weekend like he had originally thought it’s all getting me down a bit, I miss him desperately.

Yeah, he’s not back, he will be back in October sometime but still no date, and no idea where he will be working – more stuff beyond our control.

Is it really that wrong to fall in love with someone from a different country? I know it was never going to be easy, but immigration laws just make it ten times worse, before this I had never imagined how hard this sort of thing could be.


9 responses to “Immigration

  • Amelia

    Ria, i can only say that i am in the same situation as you but in another country. I would have written this post with the same words only changing the country…. It is terrible the inmigration laws for those who love each other at that big distance between them….. 😦
    Desperately is not enough when i miss him, i feel crazy about this…. and getting married is becoming a nightmare with the documents and international laws…..
    I only want to write you to say i understand 100% this post.

    Regards and good luck
    Keep going in your truly love and never give up even in the hardest moments


    • ria

      Amelia, please tell me a little more of your story… Are you now getting married from a long distance relationship? Maybe you can give me a little insight into the question I posed at the end of my last post About timescales from meeting to marrying in a long Distance situation as I am really interested to hear of other peoples experiences.

  • Mani Dhillon

    Believe me Ria this frustration is not going to go away. I feel the same, damn I can’t even spare 10 days to meet my love as I am stuck in something which won’t allow me to travel for many months and she can’t visit me because she changed her job and can’t get leave of more than three days. And the frustration worsen when I see other couples together. I miss her each moment but there are sometimes (sad and happy) when I wish she were here with me and same is true for her. I hope you’ve find a solution for your problem with immigration, good luck.

    • ria

      Hi Mani, it’s reassuring to know that I’m not alone with things like this. It’s just such a shame that because of the bad ones, good honest people get deprived of what should be simple opportunities! RANT! So where is your girlfriend from?

      • Mani Dhillon

        Yup many times due to the mistakes of some, genuine and honest people do get in difficult situation of immigration. My GF is from Vietnam so we don’t have any difficulty visiting each other, the only difficulty we have now is that we both are unable to find time for next few months to visit one another. We are hoping to marry next year since we’ve been dating for more than one and half year.

        • ria

          That sucks, I hate so much how work – which we do in order to live our lives – can so vastly interrupt with us living our lives!

          • Mani Dhillon

            But think, No Work = No Money, No Money = No Travel, No Travel = No Babbu.
            Work is important and life is most important but also important is our understanding of each other. I don’t blame the job of my gf that we can’t meet for next six months neither does she blame my construction work for this situation. I know all this get quite frustrating and angry some times but again without work we won’t be able to meet, at least in your and mine case. And think of it like this, for holidays after work you have now something to look forward to. Right?

  • Mani Dhillon

    Believe me Ria it isn’t going to get easy. I’ve got the same situation. I am stuck in something and can’t travel for some months, damn I can’t even spare ten days to meet my love.
    And because she changed job, she can’t get leave of more than three days for next six months.So how do we meet? How do we spend time together? Although I miss her each moment but there are times (sad and happy) when I wish she were here with me and same is true for her. The situation make me so much angry sometimes. Anyway I wish you good luck for your efforts, I hope you’ve found the solution for the immigration problem.

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