Get on ya bike!

Indian family on motorbike

“so what are you doing tomorrow?” I ask ” oh, I am taking my mom and my sister to the Market” babu replied, knowing full well the only transport at his disposal is his beloved motorbike I begin to ask “but how will…” then I stop myself mid sentence. How will 3 of them fit on a motorbike was what I was going to say but at that point I reminded myself this is India we are talking  about, the place you see (in my case, photos of) whole family’s on a single motorbike/moped, or whole family plus their luggage and the kitchen sink, pah, 3 people on a motorbike – no problem!

So I ask- do they wear a helmet? please bar in mind I wouldn’t dare ride a push-bike without a helmet, “no no no, we do not do  thaaat!  maybe on highway but not to go to market!” he says! OK, so I go into a bit of a parental type lecture about the dangers if he fell off, even at the slow speeds he probably goes to get to the market he could still hurt himself pretty bad “yeah I know that, if I fall off at speed I will die” he says matter of factly! We talk a little more about bike safety, then our call ends. I think for a second about how conversations like this tempt fate, but brush that aside and bed down for the night.
The next morning, lo and behold, I am sat at work eating breakfast (poached eggs on wholemeal toast if you wondered) and what pops up on my phone “just had an accident” I know instantly he has come off his bike.  Luckily this was very minor, they escaped with a few cuts and grazes and ripped salwar kameez (his sisters- he hasn’t taken to cross dressing) luckily his mum came out least injured of all of them!
I hate when things like that happen, I’m not overly superstitious but it leads me to be a little more so!
Crazy how concepts of health and safety vary so much though, living in the sort of society that is obsessed with that and the generation of no-win-no-fee lawyers, I do occasionally ponder about how it would feel to be carefree and oblivious about the danger around me.

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