Long distance update

It has now been 4 months since a last saw babu, so thought I’d take a minute to update on how things are going!

As I said before is should have only ever been 3 months until i saw him again, however for some unknown reason this time they set his leave as 5 months – maybe so they have experienced people over high season maybe- either way after endless calls to the office they weren’t budging, November it is then!

And November- means he’s flying direct To the Caribbean- not coming back to the uk until march! MARCH!!! That wasnt part of the deal! That’s…(bare with me whilst I count on my fingers) 8MONTHS!!! So a little longer than the 3 we were expecting! Not only that but there doesn’t seems to be any cheap way we can keep in contact so we will be going from talking on the phone every day to a few text messages and maybe the odd Skype call.

The upside though is that I have been saving big style to go on another cruise (I know, I know, I should be spending it in more sensible stuff) so In the next few days I’ll be making that booking to go and in myself next year in the Caribbean (lush!) and at the same time do a little re-connecting with my babu!

I always knew I wouldn’t be easy and I knew there would be distance, but I never imagined not seeing him for 6 months. It’s crazy how the dynamics of our relationship are different, we are just voices and photographs to each other at the moment- I am so interested to see how we act around each other when we meet again- like physically see each other- in 3D!!!! It’s going to be weird!! Also, honestly I am a little worried- what if things are different? No reason why they should be, but you know me- I worry- it’s my past-time!


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