Cliché goodbyes


Over the last year I have been faced with quite a few goodbye situations, 2 of which fitting your completely stereotypical, pop-ballad inspiring specification. This occurred to me on my way back from the airport this morning.

Yes, guess what?? This morning, after 5 months apart, babu and I got to spend a whole hour of our lives together whilst he waited for his connecting flight to the caribbean! He called me yesterday as soon as he found out his flight details, so I took a little detour on the way to work this morning to see him! So anyway, back to topic…

In the words of the band “take that” in their 1994 number one single everything changes:

“we’ve said goodbye, the taxi cab is waiting. Now dont you cry, just one more kiss Before I have to go”

Oh Gary Barlow, I have too felt your pain. Yes indeed the first of my goodbye clichés was in fact preempted back in 1994 by take that, when I was 9 years old my future was already written. Ok, maybe not, but I totally get it. June 2011, the taxi cab was waiting and babu and I were saying our first big goodbye in Southampton before he was flying back home to India for 3 months, little did we know at the time that it was gonna be longer than that! I cried so much that day, when I got back to my car I had big black lines down the side if my face from my makeup, god knows what the people I walked past thought of me! I remember him also asking the cab driver for 5 more minutes, he said no. So yes, classic cab leaving goodbye scene- Check!

And to today and our impromptu meeting… I’ll skip straight to the goodbye scene, oh yes, this time it’s the airport goodbye scene, the lingering kiss, the tightest “do we really have to let go” squeeze, he tells me to go straight away, we say goodbye, he tells me he loves me, I tell him to stay in touch, then we move away from each other, hands clinging onto each other until we part, I turn and keep walking, tears once again filling my eyes, i walk for a while, then the urge comes to look back, as I do that I berate myself and continue walking, I didn’t see him. Airport goodbye scene – check!

So does it ever get any easier saying goodbye? I don’t think so, in our situation each time we part a new set of rules come into play. Last time it meant that although we couldn’t see each other we could talk all of the time. This time, well, as I mentioned before I think it will be nothing more than the odd text message and fleeting phone call, so every time different. But, I’m not complaining, this is the path we chose, and I walked into it with my eyes wide open. Bringing January when we can see each other again, so if your reading this blog for other reasons you will be pleased to hear it is the last of the mushy stuff for a while, and I have plenty of other stuff I want to share coming up back on the subject of that intriguing yet beautiful Indian culture.



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