The quirks of long distance love

I had ever so slightly disappeared lately, with Christmas rapidly approaching I have found myself quite busy, alas, I am still here! However in just under a month I will be cruising the Caribbean with Babu! Very excited as u can imagine!

But, apart from the impending reunification, I though id spend a little time sharing with you a few quirks our long distance relationship, almost 9 months on.

In case you are new to the blog I will briefly bring you up to speed. March 11 we met, from march to June we saw each other for a few hours once every couple of weeks as he was cruising Europe. June to November he was back home in India, we got to speak all day on gtalk and for hours on the phone in the evening also, then November onwards he is in the Caribbean. At the moment we go for weeks without talking, with intermittent text messages – network allowing.

So how does that feel going from being in contact virtually all day to nothing? I miss him a lot, but it’s not the first time we haven’t been able to keep in touch and it wont be the last. There’s times I feel sad, but in general I know that it won’t always be like this. More so, i am comfortable with our relationship, there’s no need for me to spend hours worrying about what he is doing, who he is with etc etc, because I trust him, and as I learnt from past relationships worrying doesn’t help, and if he was to break that trust i couldnt stop that, and more fool him.

One of the things that i find really funny is that when I do see him I get a little freaked out! For example, last month when I caught up with him at the airport, he called me as soon as he landed, we talked on the phone for a while whilst he was on his coach transfer, much like we talked the day before that, and before that and so on, but then, as soon as he calls to say he has arrived at the airport I am sat waiting for him at I start getting REALLY nervous, and when I eventually see him, I don’t know what to say, how to act, anything, I turned into a strange mess! I can only conclude that after all those months of him being a voice and a photograph to me, that seeing an an actual real life person, with a body and everything confused my brain!

What’s good about our situation though is that it has an extended “honeymoon period”, you know the bit at the beginning of a relationship where everything is fun, new, exciting, as we have spent so little physical time with each other – for clarification I mean physically in a room together as opposed to being over the phone, not physical.

I often think though, because of the time gaps in our relationship, where does that put us in the whole scheme of things. I mean, in general I see people getting married after 1-2 years of being together for example, now if I did that I would be marrying him after spending very little actual time together, but say i tried to wait for the time we would have spend together in a normal relationship we won’t be considering marriage until I’m at least 40! I’m a sensible girl, and don’t want to rush into anything, I need the time to be right, but im just not sure what the right time actually is! So if anyone has similar experiences I’d love to know on that front!

Gosh it’s late, and I’m rambling!


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