Bollywood dramatics

Drama queen – or maybe I should say king! And correct me if I am wrong but I don’t think it is not just a Babu thing, I think its a bit of an Indian thing.

I wish I could remember specific examples, but effectively it boils down to the child like – yes the sort a 3 year old has – tantrums. Ok, there’s not crying and stamping, but the sentiment is definitely there. I am going to have a huff, not talk to you, etc etc, until I get my own way. And I think I know where this has come from.

Two causes… 1, I get the opinion that Indian children are like little gods as far as their parents are concerned, and therefore, parents will go out of their way to give the children exactly what they want (please do correct me if I am wrong) and I guess this continues on through to being an adult.

The second… Babu told me a must watch a particular movie, he said it was a really good film, so last weekend I put aside 3hours and 5minutes of my time and sat and watched Devdas. Wow. It was so over dramatic I found it funny, I was laughing out loud! When babu is on leave he watches a lot of movies and I can’t help but think that movies like this simply encourage that sort of behaviour!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not an issue, I can handle him fine, but the funniest thing is when he gets a bit dramatic about anything, If I mention it, what does he do? He changes the subject…because he knows I’m right!

You know what though… I wouldn’t have him any other way.. I love his little quirks!


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