Bargaining and being British


Ok, so originally this was going to be a post about Babu’s fantastic bargaining skills, however as I began writing it it became apparent that it would be fun to talk a little about British stereotypes as well – you will understand how I got from one thing to another in a moment.

So, here goes, I admit it, I fit quite well into some of the stereotypes, most likely attributed to my middle(ish) class upbringing in a beautiful part of the country – the new forest – a place where I have not only the countryside on my doorstep but the sea also. Lovely. And now I am all grown up (ish) I work for a rather British retailer who of course has royal warrants! …

I enjoy a cup of tea, with milk and sugar – two if I’m having a treat, and if I’m not watching my weight I love to indulge In a scone with jam and clotted cream (yum!) and ok, that could occur in the afternoon – afternoon tea. I don’t have it in bone china cups and saucers though – I’m not posh!

Queuing comes as second nature. In the past I’ve even queued for 15mins in my car once trying to get out of a park, only to find that actually I didn’t need to be in a queue as it was to get on a ferry! I just wanted to leave the park! And I always do that “no no, after you…” thing letting others go before me even if I don’t want them to! Ridiculous!

I’m overly polite, i always say please, thanks you etc. Earlier I found myself saying thank you to someone before I put the phone down, when they had called me to do them a favour! And the worst thing about the politeness is saying sorry, all the time!! Someone knocks in to you – you say sorry – WHY?? IT was their fault! Why?? because I’m British that’s why! always overly cautious to avoid offence to another party, any possible awkwardness and especially confrontation by any means possible! This leads me onto my original topic….bargaining!

British people don’t bargain, I certainly don’t! Bearing in mind I will search high and low to get a good deal and am a big fan of coupons even, you will NEVER see me bargaining, it’s just not the done thing! So whilst shopping in the Caribbean THANK GOODNESS babu is a master of the craft! He is amazing, I didn’t buy a single thing whilst out there without obtaining some sort of discount, he is firm, confrontational, persistent, and most importantly always prepared to walk away, things that, as a British female all make me feel rather uncomfortable!

From what I can gather, in India it is normal to negotiate EVERYTHING! which is so different from in the UK where pretty much everything has its set price and is not open to negotiation, which is why it is so alien to me I guess, I’m think i’m gonna have fun when I visit india aren’t I! good job I have my right hand man!


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