Satyamev Jayate

Aamir Khan - satyamev jayate

I’ve been watching a bit of Indian TV lately, namely the series Satyamev Jayate “Truth alone prevails” to those of us who don’t speak Hindi.

It is hosted by Aamir Khan who is apparently a famous Bollywood actor – don’t blame me for not knowing him, I’ve never seen any of his films – I’m more of an Ashkay Kumar kinda girl anyhow!

The series aims to give exposure to social issues in India, the sort of things that happen every day but need to be stopped – Female foeticide, Dowry killings and other shockingly awful things.  I think this program is doing a really good thing by exposing these things – I think that maybe a blind eye can be turned too often so if something can be brought back in to the limelight (not limelight but you know what I am trying to say) perhaps things might eventually no longer be socially acceptable.  Making something a social faux pas might finally put a stop to the sort of practices that making them illeagal did not manage to stop.

Personally this sort of thing is what scares me the most about the country I may one day in the future call home.  Things like dowry payments that are Illegal and have been for over 50 years (!) still happen regularly as it is still the social norm in many parts of India, it needs to stop.  How much other stuff that is completely against the law still happens without people standing up for what is morally right and over all legal?!?  Hopefully a program like this might help give people a nudge in the right direction and start standing up for what is right maybe.

If you want to see what I am talking about, the episodes (with English subtitles) can be found on the videos section of, they’re just over an hour long each but definitely worth a look if you have time.


7 responses to “Satyamev Jayate

  • Mohit

    Hi Ria,

    So you are following the series. Good work by Amir.

    I hope situation for women become better in India. Not that it’s so worse that many scare you from coming and settling here.

    Wish you luck


    • ria

      Thanks Mohit.

      Long time no see.. Thought you had disappeared… Saying that I havn’t been around so much myself!

      • Mohit

        Yeah I was busy in my work and traveling ! 🙂
        I can see you must have also been busy in work. This world and life is so cruel. I wonder why GOD don’t send us to planet earth with at least 1 million bucks so that we don’t have to work.

        • ria

          I hear that! Saying that, I don’t mind work if I can enjoy my job and maintain a healthy work/life balance. My jobs ok at the moment but it doesn’t enable me to have a life 😦 so many times I drift off into a daydream of a job by a blue ocean with a some sunshine 🙂

  • Mani Dhillon

    The first episode was about my city Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar(Nawanshahr) featuring Upkar Society and DC Krishan Kumar’s work.

  • marilay

    Hello Ria!
    Like you I am surprised at those things which are forbidden by the law in India but which are still done because of traditions.
    Thanks for the link. I usually use youtube but it is always a bit difficult to find the English subtitles; my level in Hindi is not good enough.
    About Aamir Khan, he is really admired and respected by people because he often makes films with messages. I do not know Bollywood very much but you should see Lagaan, it is a classic.
    I like Akshay Kumar too. He has got a very nice smile. But my fave is Shah Rukh, he is the most talented to me. Well, I’ll stop with my girly chatting!

    • ria

      I’ll look it up, I love a bit of bollywood because of the escapism it brings! oohh, Shah Rukh – I like him too – I just didn’t know his name until I just googled him! 🙂

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