Since my mentioning of Babu talking God talk to my parents the other day I thought it would be a good time to address the subject from my point of view. I knew from the beginning that Babu is religious, I can’t remember exactly when he clarified this to me, but i’m sure it was within the first days of out meeting. Babu is a Hindu.

Me, well, I can say Christianity is familiar to me – through learning about Easter and Christmas etc at school, I was Christened as a baby but that’s pretty much as far as my religion goes, I don’t really have any and have certainly never practiced or prayed. I don’t have any problems with religion, or people who practice, thus far it simply hasn’t been for me – I find (from the little knowledge I have) Bible stories to be a little outdated, and all this God/Jesus stuff a little hard to swallow.

Since meeting Babu I have been trying to make the effort to learn about his faith and understand it a little better . So far i have read the Bhagavad Gita, and am halfway through reading “Hinduism For Dummies” – please don’t laugh – at least I’m trying!

My thoughts on Hinduism so far are mainly positive, although I am getting progressivly more confused about the different Gods as I read further and further into it! A lot of the moral foundation of it resonates with me a lot and it is something I feel quite comfortable with. I’m not quite at the point of being converted though. If I am completely honest I would feel uncomfortable praying, i would feel like a hyporite, after all this time not believing in anything it would feel wrong to me to suddenly acknowledge something as being there, like “oh hi – i believe in you now” and also the fact that I don’t have a clue what i believe!

I admire that people put so much faith into something, and that it will carry them through life. I am a strong believer in fate – I am almost certain that everything is pre-destined to happen, but at the same time I still believe I need to take action to help my destiny along a bit. Like if I apply for a new job – if I hear nothing, I figure it’s fates way of telling me I should stay where I am just now – and that’s how i will carry on – I will try things but if they are not meant to be theyre not meant to be – simple! As well as fate I’ve always believed the concept of Karma, which I now know is a big part of Hinduism – I think i’m perhaps a little late to avoid re-incarnation this time around but my learning is surely taking me closer to that good place.

Babu said to me that us meeting each other was God’s way of trying to get closer to me – I thought this was a really nice thought, and in a way it is already true. I’m not quite ready to start praying and all that just yet, but I’m really enjoying learning and who knows where that will lead in the future.


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  • Mani Dhillon

    Really “Hinduism For Dummies” ???
    But yeah you are trying. My thoughts differ here a bit. My family is Sikh, so I was born a Sikh but I wasn’t baptized. I’m not much into religion or other religious stuff but I do believe strongly in some higher being and I don’t have a name for it. The first thing I made clear to my girlfriend was that she doesn’t need to change her religion, she is a Buddhist. She still wanna know the basics of Sikhism to feel more comfortable in my place and to understand what other people do.
    My suggestion to you is that if you don’t believe in something then don’t pretend that you believe. Though being in a Hindu family you would be expected to take part in much religious rituals and prayers. Always better to discuss these sensitive points with your love and make things clear. Just my humble suggestion.

    • ria

      Yes, really! lol. Whilst looking for a book on the subject I found it to be the most comprehensive, and although I would never be seen reading the physical copy, I am finding the electronic version very informative and well written. I do wonder about the whole “…for dummies” range – does anyone actually sit there reading these things in the view of others?

      Oh, I probably should have said that Babu has never asked me to take on his religion, I have also made it clear not to expect it – If I ever did it would be entirely my own choice, he is accepting of this but I guess he is either secretly wishing I will anyway, or hasn’t thought about my involvement (or not) in ritauls and stuff. All this does still need to be discussed, I am very much lookign forward to getting some quality time with him in June hopefully, then we will be able to do some serious talking 🙂

      • Mani Dhillon

        Well don’t make me envious by telling me your plans of meeting in June. And yes you oth need to be clear on tis but don’t worry, young Indian generation is of quite an open mind so all will be normal if not easy.

        • ria

          I can’t make you envious unfortunately – the plans won’t be confirmed (or not) until 2 days before, so we’re either going to get 17 days together (in between his shifts) or nothing at all – It’s driving me mad not knowing!

  • treegestalt

    “May the Long-time Sun shine upon you,
    all Love surround you
    and the Pure Light within you
    guide your way on.”

    Isn’t that what it’s really about? Hindu or Christian, Islamic (as understood by Sufis), etc etc? If this is happening in your life, won’t you come to understand all you need along the way?

  • lynegen

    Hello there,

    as long as you are not pressed to change/take up on any religion I think all is good.

    Taking part in rituals should also be up to you. I see them as an cultural learning experience. I am leaning more to the Christian end (since I was born and raised in a Christian country) but believe, that all living and therefore all religions (since they are all man-made!) have one source. And Hinduism is for me an interesting but absolutely confusing approach. So being part of poojas and being around during Ganpati etc. is fine with me – as long I don´t have to go out of my way for it, like having to become a vegetarian!

    However, the extent of your partner´s religiousness you might only find out when spending a good amount of time with each other. It is good to talk about it, though!

    And when it comes to your hesitations towards religion: I think it would help a lot if God/the Power/whatever could be seen as a friend rather than an authority figure. Would make it easier to talk to him/her/it.


    • ria

      Thanks Lynegen, those are some wise words 🙂 I guess all that matters really is that I am interested to learn about Hinduism, and I am always respectful towards his beliefs.

  • erica


    I’m currently in a cross-cultural relationship with an Indian as well. I think it’s great that you respect and are making the effort to learn about his culture and religious beliefs. Religious views can be private and unique to each individual. Please make sure that he understands and respects your views on religion as you do his. There are many little and not so little cultural differences we encounter often, but they can be overcome through fair, equal, and open conversation.

    I wish you all the best for the future.

  • vivek

    Hinduism is not exactly a religion, its a way of life.Unlike other religions, to marry a Hindu spouse there is no need for other spouse to convert into Hinduism.


    A Hindu spouse who asks the other non Hindu spouse to convert in to Hinduism, against her/his wishes is a religious freak.Never ever marry this kind of religious freaks.

    Even with out going to India or visiting India A non Indian Citizen of any religion or nationality can marry or register your Marriage or solemnize your marriage with an Indian citizen of any caste or religion in your own country , as per Indian Law under Foreign Marriage Act,1969 by contacting Consulate marriage officer of your nearest Indian consulate, in the country that you are presently residing in. A marriage between two parties one of whom at least is a citizen of India may be solemnized under Foreign Marriage Act,1969 .This Marriage involves no rituals. As per Indian Law prenuptial agreements( prenup or prenupt) or Postnuptial Agreements are not legally acceptable.

    A non Indian Citizen of any religion or nationality can marry or register your Marriage or solemnize your marriage with an Indian citizen of any caste or religion, in India, Under Special Marriage Act, 1954( also called civil Marriage or Court Marriage). It involves no rituals.


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