I made chapatis!

I know, I know, people make them every day, no big deal!  Well the reason I am so proud of myself is that this here (see picture below) was the result of my last attempt almost a year ago. . at the time I had sent it to Babu (well a photo, not the actual chapati!) and he had laughed and made comparisons to the shape of India on a map, good job he never got to experience how solid it was!  It was the best of the bunch, i was REALLY trying, so I hung up my rolling pin and decided chapatis weren’t my forté.

dodgy chapati

Dodgy chapati of the past

…Until today that is!  Last night I made myself a nice curry which i fancied having with chapatis.  With my past experience I thought it would be best to go for shop bought right? WRONG! I ate a couple, but jeez, what was I thinking buying Lloyd Grossman chapatis anyhow?!  Think wholemeal pitta bread but bigger and flatter – and there you go! bleuuggghh! So for lunch today there was leftover curry, I didn’t fancy rice, and the rest of the “chapatis” were being enjoyed by the dogs, I thought sod it, I’ll try again! Found a recipe here, and got cracking!

Not only did I make chapatis, but chapatis that puffed up properly when I cooked them, but chapatis that are ROUND!!!  I know you probably don’t care, but I’m ever-so-slightly proud of myself and that’s why I’m going on about it! Look….!


nicey nicey round chapatis


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