One month down… a few more to go!

Wow how time flies when life is gloriously mundane and mostly stressful!

It’s over a month gone since I left Babu at the airport, it’s crazy how quickly you can adjust to these things. Yup, we’re back in the routine of long-distance relations and things are fine!

What has changed from last year, which is great, is that I feel our relationship is stronger, and a little more relaxed. We have struck that more healthy balance between the constant contact we used to have when he was in India and the every-other-day contact we were having when he is working. Now we talk most days, but it’s not a major disaster if we don’t talk everyday. We gtalk chat occasionally through the day, but Babu is also understanding when I am busy and can’t talk – in the past this had been a bit of an issue.

Work is stressing me out a lot at the moment, so it’s pretty ideal that he’s not around, that’s the sort of thing that I know can put tension on a relationship as I can’t always leave the rubbish there when I step out of the door. Although saying that I would appreciate him being around for the odd hug required along the way!

He’s enjoying spending time with his family, sitting around watching cricket and generally doing nothing! Boredom, I fear is on the cusp of setting in soon though!

So now, we’re both crossing our fingers hoping that we can pull off a trip to India in a few weeks time! ….watch this space!


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