Me and India finally met…

Gateway of India

I’ve just returned back from my week long trip to Mumbai with Babu, I have so much to share, and it’s left me with plenty to blog about in the coming weeks.

So.. India… I can certainly say that I was prepared, because I felt just fine there.  I took it all in my stride, I think after so long reading, talking, learning about things, being there was just another natural step.  I didn’t find myself being shocked for anything – the culture, the poverty, the complete differences to the world I live in, it all just felt . . well, normal I suppose.

I know, it was only a week, so I’m sure there is still plenty there that would disrupt my India calmness had I have stayed longer, but so far this is how I am feeling.  It gave me an opportunity to relax a little, give up on some hang-ups and fears that sometimes just aren’t important.  Stupid things like eating meat off of the bone,  using the bathroom whilst Babu was there (Since the bathroom walls were clear glass, this one had to be tackled quickly!), bargaining, random things really – I’m sure I had a better example but as soon as I began to write, it disappeared – I will no doubt remember once this is published!

Every time I go away I don’t feel like coming home, Maybe it is because I am with Babu, but I also think I enjoy the simplicity life has when I am away.  whenever I get back, I am always overwhelmed by stuff, just stuff, so much unnecessary junk in my life – both physical and emotional, if I can cope without all this stuff when I’m not at home, why do I need it at home right? When time permits I think ebay will call – I just need to clear down!

Anyway, Just wanted to say hi, I’m back, a little worse for wear with a late onsetting attack of Deli (well Mumbai) Belly! I’ll get back to blogging once I’m all unpacked, settles and feeling better.  And India – So far… I love her… I don’t know why, but I do.


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