Written in the stars?


When I was India, on a couple of occasions I found myself with not much to do other than read the paper or watch the constant repeats of Grey’s anatomy and Two and a half men on the only two English language TV channels in my room.

I’m not usually into horoscopes, it’s not something I actively seek out as I don’t really know much about it all and whether there is a purpose or if it’s a load of rubbish.  never the less, the horoscope I came across in the Bombay Times one day couldn’t really be ignored, it went like this:

You are very fragile right now.  Perfectly innocent remarks could bruise your ego.  Get into the habit of doing at least one nice thing for yourself each day.  There will be a period of waiting before you figure out where to go from here.  Too many people have something to say about what’s going on with you. Up till now you’ve been able to ignore most of it, but all of a sudden it’s like everyone’s in your face.  It’s always good to try and stick with your own truth; but there are times when you have to question it.  It seems that relationships within the family could be a source of your personal turmoil too.  Your views with your parents may not match and could be as cause for some concern. You’ll benefit by trying to see the other side of an equation.  For instance, maybe it’s not the people involved in a problem who are to blame for it, but the situation  and environment they are in.

Bombay Times, 14 October 2012

I totally get this! I don’t often see horoscopes this long, but to be this long and so bang-on? I know the theory goes that we take on board the relevant bits and pass over the others, but this for me was, well is, totally relevant.  I am also taking the advice about trying to see things from the other side.  When it comes to my parents now, instead of taking a guess at how they see things I take more time to try and see things through their eyes, which is helping me understand things better.

The horoscope was also reassuring for me, in a way it’s like it’s said “it’s ok, we understand, don’t worry, you’ll figure it out”

I’m not going to go and get all into seeking my horoscope now, I kinda feel like reading that one in India at that time was right, I was meant to see that, but it wouldn’t quite be right if I sought it out. – maybe I’m talking mumbo jumbo, who knows, but I know horoscopes like this can’t be a bad thing?

What do you think? Is it all written in the stars? Do you read your horoscope daily
? do you believe in it| I’m curious to know other peoples’ stance on this.


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