I’m back


Hello there!

Oh my how time flies, almost a month since my last post… Oops, but holiday, and jet lag ever since have left me a bit lack lustre.

And my plans for writing whist I was away completely went down the plug hole, it was quite a relaxing time but at the same time busy if that makes sense – I saw babu between all of shifts this time which made my days a little fragmented to say the least

Things are good between us. beforehand again though I did get a little worried (like last year), it had been over 3 months since we last saw each other so there was bound to be nerves, but it was all fine and were as natural in each others company as before.

Babu is pretty determined this is his last contract on the cruises, he’s just tired, his work is very physical with long demanding hours. I tell him better the devil you know and all that, going back to India he could be working just as hard with half as much money. I think I may have got through to him a little, if he can get promotion he will stay a little longer since the work becomes less intensive. But he has had 2 knocks in as many weeks with managers buddies slipping into jobs that were lined up for him and since I am a veteran of the “face doesn’t fit” mantra at work, I completely understand how he is feeling. Alas, when I spoke to him last he said he will go and see a senior manager to talk about what happened, and make his career ambitions clear, so at least he is giving it one last chance, much better than the babu I spoke to a week ago who had given up all hope.

Entirely from a selfish point of view I want him to remain on the cruise ships, I just can’t imagine conducting our relationship super-long distance only seeing each other 1-2 times a year until we end up together in whichever country, how it is works pretty well for the time being.

And also I am really keen to get work on the ships as well, so it would be a huge shame if I got a job just as he left! Hey ho, well see what happens, live each day as it comes, since no one knows what the future holds!


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