He’s back!


Good morning! It’s just gone 6am and I’m really wishing my body clock would know its the weekend, never the less, I awoke at a good time to watch Babu’s ship come rolling in.

He’s back earlier than scheduled meaning we might just get to see each other today and tomorrow!

And you know what that means? He’s going to be spending some time at my house. In fact he’s going to be staying the night (on the sofa!).

It took me almost a week to ask my parents permission, and when I finally did on Thursday it was easier than anticipated, my mum referred it to my dad and he instantly agreed (not quite sure that was actually what she was expecting him to say!)

And if you’re wondering what the big deal is, cast your mind back to last August and refresh yourself in the negativity here and here, personally I’m trying to put it all behind me, it was traumatic at the time, and even though the rest of the time was great, I’d just rather not remember the whole period.

So, today will be the first time he is back in the UK since then, and the first time back in my house also. I desperately want things to go OK, but I know things rarely go as planned. My burying my head in the sand method is already failing since Babu was trying to talk about the whole issue again the other night, time heals yes, but to him it all still feels like yesterday.

And my biggest fear? Nothing has changed. And my mum will not make any effort, she may even have attitude or be rude to him. She has already been unnecessarily getting defensive over the kitchen when I mentioned I may cook some lunch. No cause for this, she just wants to bake a cake all of a sudden, I had to remind her cooking lunch doesn’t mean we’d be in there all day, I knew she was already being difficult the moment she responded with “oh, well I don’t know that do I?” Well, yes you do actually.

And then she brings up that he always tries to talk to her. Oh, jeez, how dare he make an effort to be sociable?! She questions if it is genuine or just his ‘cruise act’ I reassure that it’s just him, she doesn’t believe me. And Babu, well, last time he tried to speak to her – he tells me she basically told him to go
away, how can I possibly defend her behaviour when it’s so bloody rude, what is wrong with stopping for 5 minutes to chat with your daughters guest.

So yeah, pretty sure it will happen again, but I can only try.

If only she realises she is just pushing a wedge between us. I don’t want to be in the middle of my family and the man I love, but she is forcing it. This is the situation I have tirelessly been trying to improve, but I guess I can’t change other people’s attitudes can I?

Wish me luck, by all accounts I’m gonna need it!


2 responses to “He’s back!

  • loveonthebeach

    Good luck today! I too am up at 7am thanks to jet lag. Hope it all goes ok and that your mom comes around. I’m sure she is feeling protective of you and only wants the best. Maybe you can speak to her about the wedge you feel after Babu is gone?

    • ria

      Thanks Hun. Jet lag sucks!

      See I get how she is feeling, but not why this encourages her to take a bad attitude and show the worst of herself. Oh well, we’ll see hey….

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