It went well!

Yes, that’s what I said, as far as I know, and no one has said anything to make me think to the contrary!

It took ages for the powers above to grant shore leave to his department so was waiting all day since I had said I would be ready to come and get him at a moments notice. Was nice though since it gave me a chance to do nothing for a while. Also got to have a bit of a chat with my Dad about the whole situation whilst mum wasn’t around.

He said that neither if them dislike Babu, that my Mum was just offended that we would likely settle with his parents in India – why not here with them? She is feeling like he is taking her daughter away, which I think I knew and is fair enough. He just told me that I should reassure her, since its a few years still, so not worth worrying about until or even if it happens. OK OK, I give in, it’s what what Babu has been telling me to say too, I guess I just felt it might be a little dishonest, but saying that, it is true since I still need 2 years at least to pay my debts, and who knows what might happen in 2 years!

Mum had some good news that morning as well which I think proved to be a fabulous distraction from her concerns/worries. We got to my house after 6, stood and chatted to my parents for about an hour before they headed out for the evening, things went well until my Dad went into his cruise ship rant, he didn’t have the best experience the last time he went and won’t be going again, Mum and I have heard it many times before (think 0f that typical Dad situation where there’s no stopping him and everyone just rolls their eyes!) it’s all a bit silly really. Never the less, Babu saw the other side of things (as he would working on board) and stood up for the other side of things, not best pleasing my dad, in the end my Dad gave up and excused himself, my Mum had disappeared mid-rant, she returned after and made light of it.

So apart from my Dad being disappointed at no-one wanting to hear his rant about cruising for the umpteenth time, I would say it went pretty well!

We went for some dinner, returning quite late, my parents were still up so we sat for a while and then we all went to bed.

Next morning I went and woke Babu, then went off for a shower, in the mean time he made an effort sitting and chatting with Mum who was already up, then after he freshened up we headed back to the ship.

This is how it should be! I feel so much better about it all! Babu and I have yet to have the opportunity to chat about how things went (the joys of being in a different country every day!) but unless he says otherwise I’ll put this one down to being a success.

So let’s let this be the beginning of a renewed and stronger relationship. So much of my worry will be dispursed if they can accept and maybe even love him too, I know it’s early days still, but I’m feeling positive at last. Lets hope it is a taste of things to come!


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