Been cooking!


Good evening!

I’ve been cooking today! I’m currently on a very low calorie diet (think shakes, soup, the odd bar and you’re there!) meaning for the whole of 2013 I haven’t really cooked anything since I’m not eating anything that doesn’t come from a certain packet! It’s killing me, I LOVE cooking and baking!

Last weekend when babu was here I made cookies and they went down a storm, between him and my mum and dad they didn’t last a day!

When I was on the ship on Sunday I saw the slop that he was eating! On the previous ship I’d eaten in the crew mess a few times, ok it lacked variety but the food was alright. But this time, just imagine veg, in some sort of broth with maybe a hint of spice?! More like a dodgy stew, actually that’s a compliment! It was awful! My poor man needs a decent meal! Even the kheer was watery and tasteless!

So I got set, I’ve been looking forward to getting back in the kitchen all week, and today I got cracking. First up it was a kachdee (lentil fritters) recipe I has pinned and had been wanting to try for ages (picture at the top of the page) from here. I really recommend this website for Indian recipes, must add it to my blog roll!

Next up was this lamb curry (I couldn’t get mutton) to take to Babu, he had gone into a bit of a daydream about mutton curry the other day so I’m hoping this will hit the spot!


And then Mum said that my dad would probably fancy some curry after getting home from work to these smells, she said she’d make one but since I was in the zone, I knocked together a chicken makhani, recipe adapted from here which if I’m honest I did dip my finger into a couple of times (oops, hope that doesn’t damage the diet!)


And finally since Babu mentioned he was out of snacks I made him these they went down a storm last week, so hopefully he will be a happy boy!


And me… Well, I say down to a chocolate diet shake after all that! I don’t mind though, my weight goal is in sight and I’ve got my fill of cooking, I’m a happy girl who also gets to see her man tomorrow!


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