Indian standard time!


Means “Indian Standard Time.” We have or own standard time, because we always show up about 1-2 hours late to everything.
If you’re havin a party at 2, expect us to be there around 3:30.

If you want us to be at your party at 2, then tell us it starts at 12.

Taken from Urban Dictionary

GRRRRRRRRRRR! Yup, needed to get that out. See, I’m getting a bit sick of Indian standard time. Especially as in may case it only apparently works one way!

I am ALWAYS on time, I panic if I’m 10 minutes late, so much so I’m normally 20mins early for everything. Makes a good impression, but on down side means I spend a lot of my life sat waiting!

Last week, as previously mentioned, I waited all day for babu. All day. Then when he finally called and said he should be allowed leave soon I then proceeded to sit outside the terminal an additional hour before he appeared at the gate!

It doesn’t end there! I hadn’t heard from him since Monday last week for one reason or another, then usually if we loose contact in the week he will call me first thing in the morning when he arrives in port, I wake up 5.30, nothing, see the ship rolling in past my window, still nothing, 7, 8, 9 passes, 10 – phone rings! “Come by 15/20mins” says the voice on the end, and before I can moan/argue/protest he’s gone! He knows full well it takes approx 20-25 minutes to get there and that’s if I’m ready to go (ok I was).

As I am queuing to be let through the port barrier my phone rings “where are you?!” He says! I’d actually made good time, it was about 20mins after his call, I told him to be patient (probably in a few more words than that!)

Do you see where I’m going with this? 4 days last week I waited for his call. 4 hours this morning I waited for his call. I get there in 20mins flat and he’s calling me asking where I am!!!

This boy has no concept of time, unless its my time, he once told me I was late, my watch read o’clock but his read 01! Yet I have NEVER known him not to keep me waiting – be it when I am visiting the ship, meeting him when we are away together, or even when I flew to Mumbai, ALWAYS late!

Please tell me how it is that someone can have no concept of their own time yet be completely precise about someone else’s!

Does anyone else have this issue?

I will end as I started…. GRRRRRRRRR!


4 responses to “Indian standard time!

  • billiejoy

    yup…I feel your pain! My husband is always out the door about 10mins after me. This will not change so don’t try LOL. Either love him for this or find a way to deal with it. I love my husband and I have gotten used to it, but in the dating phase I was sure I would die of frustration. 😉 its just time don’t let it be the reason you put a wedge between the two of you.

    • ria

      Oh I know it will never change! I guess what makes me maddest is that he complains if I am 1 minute late, or if we are together – going out for the day or whatever he will maticulously plan to the minute! In Mumbai it would be “right, breakfast 9.30, get ready – 10, leave 10.15” and so on, and if I took my time I would be in the bad books!

      I think it’s also that I do expect him to be late, but then he’s even later than the late I expect! I need to expand my lateness expectation to a point where he becomes on time or early!

      Felt good to have a rant though, even though it’ll never change!

  • Pardis

    oh god!!! here ive got the big problem with this IST too… my indian boyfriend is always late!!! first day we wanted to go out he said ill come to u at 9 am… I got ready at 8:55 am n waited for 2 hours!!! im always on time myself… n its quite hard to deal with this IST!!! 😦

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