Life Is mad

I’ve not been around for a while since life has been pretty mad, well, still is, unfortunately work and other things mean I don’t get a minute to myself right now, but I just wanted to say I’m still here, and I will get blogging again, and I hope that’s soon!



8 responses to “Life Is mad

  • Mani Dhillon

    Your blog was down for quite a while. Good to see you back.
    Hope you guys are good and meeting soon 😉

    • ria

      Mani! Long time no see!

      Yeah, I’m rubbish! Work is mad, then also trying to find a less mad job (unsuccessfully I may say) I thought I’d get some down time when I was away last time (end of feb) but that didn’t – that seemed pretty non stop too!

      I’m seeing him this weekend and heading on holiday in just under 2 weeks time – so will get to see him then except I’m not sure of logistics just yet since I am going with a friend as opposed to being his “guest”.

      Crazy as its only a month until he heads back home again, and things may change quite a lot this time… But that I will write about when I get a moment to blog…. I guess that’s another reason for not writing for a little while… Getting ready for life potentially changing a great deal in the coming months!

      • Mani Dhillon

        Glad to hear you guys are meeting soon. We also had some time together in Feb, if only seven days. But it was wonderful. I am thinking of tying the knots this year around Dec or may be in Jan next year if all go as I plan.
        So coming with a friend, means not staying in his house?

        • ria

          Oh that’s lovely, and marriage?! How exciting! Will you be able to stay closer together after marriage?

          I am visiting on the ship and going with a friend was the only way to afford it. I plan to visit India in September or October when I hope to be staying with his family, meeting his parents for the first time 🙂

          • Mani Dhillon

            Yeah she will move here once we are married but I do need to set some things up before I can marry, like business.
            IS going on ship much expensive, I don’t know much about naval travel. So meeting the parents, first time? I though you’ve already met them? Well, I wish you good luck for the meeting. I would invite many of my online friends, I will be happy if you guys could come over but thats when I decide the month and date.

            • ria

              Awesome, that will be such a relief for you.

              He works on a cruise ship, holiday prices are reasonable but not if you travel alone, the last two times I travelled for free as a guest but it causes him a lot of stress to organise which is why I am paying to go this time.

              Yeah, first time, his dad didn’t want me taking the internal flight my first time in India, so only went for a week and met babu in Mumbai that time. I really wanted to meet them that time but it just wasn’t meant to be I guess.

              Where in India are you mani? I am eagerly awaiting going to my first Indian wedding, I hope to go to one before I have my own!

              I can’t wait to go back to India, I think this time it will be one of the most of important experiences of my life.

  • Mani Dhillon

    Take it easy when you meet them and go with the flow, try to be a little meek.
    I am from Punjab(north) in India.Pretty far from Mumbai, actually totally opposite from Mumbai. Well I told you I will be glad to have you guys here.
    Though my marriage will be different from the ones in Mumbai but the overall theme is identical.

    • ria

      I will, I will be sure to touch their feet at the first instance.

      He is actually from Orissa but Mumbai was an easier meeting point and he has friends there so was nice to meet them too.


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