Meet the in-laws

After 2 and a half years, I have just booked my tickets to visit Orissa and meet Mummyji and Daddyji!!!

I’m finally going to Orissa, and am beyond excited! I cannot wait to see where Babu lives, meet his friends and family, and at last spend a reasonable amount of time in India – a week wasn’t enough last year!

I will be flying to Mumbai then catching an internal flight to Bhubaneswar, then staying with him and his family for 2 weeks. This is kind a of a big deal – they are taking a massive risk on their reputation as far as having a single, white, unmarried house guest, but I have done my best to reassure. It’s more of a matter of people realising I’m Babu’s girlfriend, when this is the case – if anything ever went wrong and we broke up, it would probably put him on the “unmarriagable” list, so a massive risk on their part, but I am so grateful they are willing to take it, since I realise there are many Indian parents who wouldn’t entertain the Idea of a British girlfriend full stop.

I booked my flights before my Visa, I know it’s a little risk, but because of my complete lack of organisation I was leaving it later and later to book flights with the prices edging higher and closer to selling out on some of my connecting flights, It was a risk worth taking. I was very pleased (and lucky) to once again have my passport back, visa included, precisely one week after I put it in the mail – the same super quick service I had last year so I am once again hugely impressed with VFS global/Indian high commission UK.

I’m going late September – early October, so cannot wait to share my new experiences with you all!


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