Off I go….

In one weeks time, after an almost 24 hour trip, I will be at Babu’s house.

Oh myyyyy goooodness! Am I scared/worried/nervous/totally freaking out!

I don’t know why I do this to myself but I worry about everything.  There’s the whole touching feet thing, meeting the parents thing, new culture thing (I gather again the culture will be very different from that I experienced in Mumbai), I know it’ll probably be fine but doesn’t stop me being nervous as hell!!

Yet before I go I also have 5 days to complete a major project at work – I’m also in a panic about that! (what am i like eh?!) which is unfortunately preventing me from having any excitement that may be there since I have to deal with all that before I am allowed to be excited!

So that’s why I’m checking in here now, It’s quite likely you won’t hear from me in a while, hopefully in a few weeks time I will be back full; of wonderful experiences and stories, telling how silly it was to be so nervous!

Wish me luck hey! I’ll be back soon 🙂


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