I love the weather in India!


To take a positive from my trip to India I must say I loved the weather!

Ok, the heat can be a bit much when the electric goes and there’s no fans or AC but that’s not what I’m talking about here, it’s the rain and storms I loved.

Whilst in India I saw the most magnificent storms I have ever seem – probably something to do with Phalin being only a few days away – in fact I think I caught the last Bhubaneswar-Mumbai flight before they grounded planes when I left on 11 October. But oh my, the thunder storms! I caught some of it on video (see below) I have never seen lightening so bright, rain so heavy or heard thunder so loud!

We lost power fairly early on and unfortunately it blew the inverter so we had nothing but mobile phones for torches! But this gave me a great view if the storm in the dark. I was however dragged away from the door on a few occasions as it seems papa had been witness to people being stuck by lightening In his village before, so didn’t like me being so close to it, I however am fearless (or stupid) when it comes to that sort of thing. I LOVED it!

And another nice memory (see, there are some) we went out shopping on Babu’s bike and got caught in a downpour on the way back. After managing to clear the make up from my eyes (ouch), oh boy, it was that the most exhilarating feeling being on the back of a bike, soaked through, speeding down the road in the pouring rain, feeling so free.

In fact the night I first arrived it was pouring, and we met a very unusual road block – I could almost think I was hallucinating from the long journey, there was a truck, blaring out music and laser lights, and people dancing in the rain, I swear I saw it in slow motion, and am kicking myself to this day that I didn’t grab my camera quick enough! It was like some sort of rave scene! Only in India eh!


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