The worst

So right on cue I get a call on Wednesday as planned. And the answer – came as suspected, but a little worse (if we even thought that possible).

They had argued a lot that Sunday night, threats were made, accusations were thrown – perhaps I’ll tell the full story (well, as much as i know) some other time, as this post is just a quick update. Basically it ended with Babu being told he will be married in a few days. – We hoped this was just a threat in the heat of things

Then Friday, he was told 4 days.

Last night I text him ‘is it tomorrow?’ and at about 2.30am this morning I got a reply, and all it said was ‘today’.

So today he is getting married, in fact with the time difference and it already being 2.30pm there, it’s quite possible that it has already happened.

and that’s that.

I need to pull myself together and get moving, I have a week off which I could easily spend in bed crying, but it’s Christmas, and then new year, and a new start. I promise will come back soon and tell you more of what happened, but for this moment I need to try and carry on.

So if I’m not back before then, Happy Christmas everyone.




2 responses to “The worst

  • Andrea

    I wrote you on Twitter already but wanted to respond in more than 140. I’m so sorry, Ria. It is a very sad ending to something that was good. You will get through it though, I know you will.

    I know you’re hurting a lot right now, and so it’s important that you not let him deposit all his hurt on you too. Too many times I’ve seen guys do the Devdas thing – “I love you but I won’t be with you but I love you and never forget how much I love you” and it absolutely destroys women to the point that I’ve seen some go years without moving on in their lives. If he’s going to hurt, then he has to carry that himself. It’s not on you, and so a time of no contact will probably do you good.

    • ria

      You’re right, it was good, and I shouldn’t forget that, I hope I don’t since I am just so full of hate right now. But you’re also right on the other account, in a brief exchange we had yesterday (again i’ll share more when I have the strength to) I said ‘well you got over me quick’ you know what his response was? ‘you’re still there’….oh am I really? This boy is clearly disillusional. but you’ve hit the nail on the head, he wants to have a wife and a lover – that will NEVER happen.

      HA! Devdas, do you know when we first got together he kept on about that film, how good it is and how I should watch it? Well he made such a big deal I actually bought the DVD and oh my god, isn’t that the most depressing hour of movie watching, excuse me while I just go off and slit my wrists. But hey perhaps it is a great representation of indian family and relationship culture.

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