The truth

Today I finally got the truth.

Truth that for me healed the thing that hurt me most, but opened a bigger can of worms.

Today I also took this blog offline, I really hope that won’t be forever which is why I am still writing this in the hope it will be seen some day, but soon you will understand my reasons.

After venting all my feelings, sadness, hatred, everything every time we talked (which is very rare of late) he came out with it. It was do or die, literally, they threatened his life if he didn’t marry her.

And then… well… still no way out, it seems he has been told, if he makes a wrong move when he is in the UK – yes they have that covered too – they will kill his sister – because she was supporting us (I didn’t know) and her husband is on the side of his parents.

Right now he feels he can’t escape and for him to live miserably is better than him being ‘responsible’ for the death of his loved ones.

I of course see a way out, there’s people who can help, lots of people I see, I would do what it takes, but he is SO scared people will die ‘because of him’ it’s sick.

And so, these things you only see on TV and read in the magazines, they are real, and happen to real people… like me….like him.

Pray for us. more so, pray for him, and his sister.


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