…a girl

I spoke to babu this morning, there is only just over a week before he leaves to go back to work, anyway, his family were at a wedding – one of his best friends – why he wasn’t there I have no idea, anyway I digress, but I could hear he wasn’t alone – his niece was there.

She’s 2, I met her when I was there, cute girl, anyway, I then asked if he is changing nappies, which of course, they’re alone together, so he is – funny I didn’t think men did that, but hey, after everything I don’t think he is considered the man of the house, the king, anymore. But then I asked where his sister is – of course she has gone back to work. OK, so why is the baby not with the in-laws I ask…

…Because she is a girl.


After so many years of trying to embrace and learn about his culture, the past few months have done so much for me to be repelled by it.

That is simply disgusting,


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