The end….

So here it is.  The end of our story.  as I write this he is on a flight back to India.  He’s gone. Forever. 

…the end…. 


3 responses to “The end….

  • Sonia

    Hi ria. I’ve been through a pretty similar situation as yourself, the only difference being he and i are both indian. He also got married last year in april.

    I can totally relate to u. It does get bettet and easier. Life has moved on even though he crosses my mind daily. But it’s no longet painful.

    We have had no contact since last march and i think that is what let me heal.

    Out of the blue, he sent me a friend request on fb. I thought about it for a day but ultimately decided not to accept it. I dont need to go down that path any more.

    I have been a silent reader of your blog from the start but felt the need to comment today. Thank you for sharing your story. You are not alone:)

    • ria

      Thank you Sonia, I am moving on now too, although he isn’t. I am trying to handle this in the best way I can with him, I’ll post about it soon as I think it’s something worth sharing.

      We are strong women with great futures ahead of us xx

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