In March 2011, shortly after the break up of a long term relationship, i set sail on a cruise ship for a holiday that changed everything.  A new outlook on life, a passion for travel, and the man i met on board . .

So here i find myself, at what i see as the beginning of a long exciting journey – final destination? We shall see.  The name of this blog may be a little misleading at present, maybe it should be called “me and Indian”, however i see this as a path, which at some point will land in India.  I am yet to visit, but i will one day, and I am learning so much, I really want to share it.

I am not going to lie, until i met my man, I call him Babu (i don’t want to disclose his real name for various reasons I will explain later) India simply was not on my radar.  I had never thought about India, or the people who live there, it simply did not concern me, the nearest I ever got to Indian culture was indulging in the occasional Indian ready meal from my local Waitrose, which may i say are bloody delicious!

And so, upon the third night of my cruise, I walked in to the restaurant, was shown my seat, the waiter placed a napkin on my lap and beamed me the most beautiful smile i have ever seen, he walked off, “cute waiter” I said to my mum, and lets just say the rest is history!


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