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The post that never was…

When I was in India staying at babu’s parent’s house I wrote a post, but never published it, as although I’m pretty sure he didn’t remember I had this blog, I didn’t want him seeing it and I guess I didn’t want to put what I was saying out there, or perhaps for me it just made it all a bit too real.

I stumbled across this again today so thought I would share. Now knowing how the situation turned out – just as we had thought – I can see I spent too much time filled with false hope. But hey, hindsight is 20/20!

“I can’t say that any time in the last 3 years whilst away on holiday that I ever feel ready to go home, I know most people just get to a point where they are ready, I never did. Until now.

I’m sorry to say that I just want to go home. I feel completely isolated and lonely. At the beginning babu tried his best to translate most things, but after several days this wore thin on him, and I find myself in what I almost my 3rd day if complete isolation.

By isolation, I don’t mean I am alone, there are currently 5 people here… 5 people speaking Oriya all the time. I had a few historical facts conferred to me whilst visiting the sun temple yesterday, and I get told “wash your hands” “khaana” “pani” but that’s pretty much where it ends. 

When with his family Babu is a man of very few words towards me, and it’s not helping.

The only thing his dad said to me today was not to step over babu’s legs, a reprimand, not given in a harsh way but a reprimand none the less.

Yesterday I was put in front of the tv and the only English Channel switched on. This morning the same. I’m not a toddler and I’m not the sort of person who often watches tv either.

His dad speaks English, but struggles a little, I think he finds it hard, his sister did, during her education but has since lost all ability, his mum, none at all.

I have 5 more days to ride out here.

I now find myself isolating myself more and more, I don’t want to,  but I feel awkward, I don’t feel comfortable sitting with his family when I can’t understand what is going on at all. I’ve tried it, but when I here my name or a glance is made towards be when they are laughing I can’t help but feel paranoid. I am currently sat on the roof.

I don’t wish to talk about what this means for the future, I think this is something for babu and I to discuss, I just thank god that I didn’t gather my belongings, and emigrate into this life completely blind.

5 more days…. Maybe something will change.. Likely not… But need to stay positive.

Until then…..


I’ll update you guys soon on how my life is moving on and changing, until then, love to all

R x


I love the weather in India!


To take a positive from my trip to India I must say I loved the weather!

Ok, the heat can be a bit much when the electric goes and there’s no fans or AC but that’s not what I’m talking about here, it’s the rain and storms I loved.

Whilst in India I saw the most magnificent storms I have ever seem – probably something to do with Phalin being only a few days away – in fact I think I caught the last Bhubaneswar-Mumbai flight before they grounded planes when I left on 11 October. But oh my, the thunder storms! I caught some of it on video (see below) I have never seen lightening so bright, rain so heavy or heard thunder so loud!

We lost power fairly early on and unfortunately it blew the inverter so we had nothing but mobile phones for torches! But this gave me a great view if the storm in the dark. I was however dragged away from the door on a few occasions as it seems papa had been witness to people being stuck by lightening In his village before, so didn’t like me being so close to it, I however am fearless (or stupid) when it comes to that sort of thing. I LOVED it!
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After India


Just over two months ago I set off on a journey, that unbeknown to be, would potentially change everything.

I have loads to share with you about my trip to India, and I will in time, again the combination of intense work and lack of computer don’t exactly make blogging easy for me right now, but it will come.

But what it boils down to is that unfortunately staying in India is no longer an option for me. I found it tremendously difficult being there, until I went, I had been open to the idea, and even willing to make big sacrifices and adapt, but this was too far for me. In the two weeks I spent in Babu’s house I experienced complete isolation and lonelines, no a reflection of his family in any way but a reflection of circumstance.

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Off I go….

In one weeks time, after an almost 24 hour trip, I will be at Babu’s house.

Oh myyyyy goooodness! Am I scared/worried/nervous/totally freaking out!

I don’t know why I do this to myself but I worry about everything.  There’s the whole touching feet thing, meeting the parents thing, new culture thing (I gather again the culture will be very different from that I experienced in Mumbai), I know it’ll probably be fine but doesn’t stop me being nervous as hell!!

Yet before I go I also have 5 days to complete a major project at work – I’m also in a panic about that! (what am i like eh?!) which is unfortunately preventing me from having any excitement that may be there since I have to deal with all that before I am allowed to be excited!

So that’s why I’m checking in here now, It’s quite likely you won’t hear from me in a while, hopefully in a few weeks time I will be back full; of wonderful experiences and stories, telling how silly it was to be so nervous!

Wish me luck hey! I’ll be back soon 🙂

Pranāma – Touching Feet


If there is one thing I am really nervous about in my upcoming visit to India (apart from the Internal flights!) It’s touching peoples feet.

I Understand the showing of respect to elders, and the importance of doing this to Babu’s Parents upon meeting out of respect and also making the best first impression, but what is worrying me is the mechanics of it all.

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