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Time to say goodbye

Every time he was here, the sun came out. This not some metaphor or romantic notion, it is fact, perhaps some work of the Gods, but the weather was always bright whenever he came. Until today.

I’m not one for paying attention to the weather forecast, most likely the reason I am often found in completely non-weather-appropriate clothes, I think interest in the forecast is something that comes with age. But my parents would always chat about it, and there became a running joke, not just between me and him, but also with my parents eventually, that we needn’t worry about the weather this weekend when he’s in port, it’ll be sunny. it always is.

But today is different, it is grey and drizzly, the sun, bless it, is still there trying to break through, and it does occasionally through a crack in the clouds, but ultimately today is not like the rest. For today may just have been the end, the last time we ever see each other. Continue reading


How i met Babu

How I met Babu . . .well . . . that’s not his actual name but i will explain that later, his family call him Babu, so thought it was most appropriate to use on the blog without giving his identity away to the outside world.

Let’s set the scene a little, I’m in my mid twenties and the man who I honestly believed I would marry has just ended our 5 year relationship, in two months time we were set to sail off for a two week holiday on board a cruise ship, a holiday we had been planning for a good 18 months.  I ummed and ahhed about whether I should still go or not, but with much encouragement from the people close to me I eventually concluded that a holiday would do me good.  So dragging my mum with me, off we set on a flight to Barbados! Continue reading

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